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Handwoven, March/April 1993 Digital Edition

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If you are hoping to improve your “loom room” and weave children’s clothing, the March/April 1993 Handwovenmagazine has what you’re looking for!

Make your “loom room” in the March/April 1993 issue of Handwoven Magazine!

Make your “loom room” more organized and enjoyable with projects such as a shuttle holder you’ll be proud to hang on your wall, a comfortable rya loom bench pad, and a clever “thread catcher” that can be attached directly to the loom. Also in this issue is a special section on weaving children’s clothing.

Discover contemporary fiber and weaving secrets feature articles of this issue:

  • Explore weaving ergonomics and how proper posture can prevent back pain while weaving.
  • Read a review of a fiver exhibit in Loveland, CO museum and gallery.
  • Choose the best treadle loom with a teacher/shop owner’s options.
  • Design for home and body with designs by several reknown weavers.
  • Weave a wicker basket inspired by a Mexican blanked by Flo Hoppe.

Enjoy weaving projects for you, the kids, and the loom room with these 15 patterns!

  • Pillows Inspired by African Baskets by Loise Bradley
  • Mock Damask Table by Tuija Hannikainen
  • Log Cabin Upholstery by Vicki Tardy
  • Poppana Jack by Maureen McNulty
  • Ritzy Rag Top by Betty Beard
  • Tucked Blouse by Virginia West
  • Teddy Bear Outfit and Striped Jumpsuit by Susan E. J. White
  • Top for Max by Jean Scorgie
  • Notebook Cover by Jean Scorgie
  • Thread Catcher by Sharon Alderman
  • Rya Loom Bench Pad by Janice Jones
  • Shuttle Holder by Margaret Gaynes
  • Contemporary Rag Placemats by Linda Hendrickson
  • Rosepath Plaid Dish Towel by Barbara Kessler
  • Swatch Collection #27 by Sharon Alderman

Get your copy of the January/February 1993 Handwoven Magazine and build your “loom room!”

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors