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Long Thread Media

Handwoven, January/February 1996 Digital Edition

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Experience fulled fabrics with this issue of Handwoven. Learn various techniques for fulling, including fulling wool by hand or machine, the traditional technique of waulking, and machine fulling. Plus, there are instructions on how to make felted boot slippers. Learn these techniques with great teachers such as Rebecca T. Menlove, Norman Kennedy, and Sharon Alderman.


Take your weaving to an inkle loom in order to create wonderful pick-up patterns and get instructions for a chevron band. Learn how to make a handy little rigid heddle loom that’s perfect for weaving bands. Take your bands to a new level with the Idea Notebook. In this issue, the Idea Notebook covers beading on an inkle loom so that your bands can have an extra burst of wow.


Discover country weaving—projects for the home that were inspired by the serenity of the country. Find a striking blue table runner, a rich look at how to build your own rag rug, and a country rug of your own to make.


Other projects include the beautiful Aegean Sunset Jacket, a blanket and throw, a hooded vest, Inkle Pick-up bookmarks and more. Plus, learn about the history of master dyer and dresser of cloth Waldo Cutler, and the interesting story of how his ancestor came to learn about him.


In every issue, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by weavers from all over the world. In each issue, you’ll meet weavers with unique stories to tell and special projects to share.
  • Explore weaving techniques new and old. Get an up-close look at all of the projects.
  • Test your weaving skills with projects that use plain weave, warp-faced plain weave with pick-up, double binding, and more.
  • And so much more!

This issue was scanned from an original print issue.

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Handwoven January/February 1996