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Handwoven January/February 2022

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Is stash busting a myth—just an excuse to buy even more yarn­—or a time-honored tradition among weavers? You’ll be able to decide for yourself after perusing this issue of Handwoven. The 11 projects run the gamut from a twill chore jacket to plain-weave towels in colorful cottons to a baby blanket woven with big-box store yarns. Learn about a wonderful linen silk blend in the Yarn Lab, how to hand-dye warps, and a fun way to use curling ribbon to weave device pouches. Tom Knisely decides to deliberately use yarn twist in his weaving and writes about his findings in Notes from the Fell. In “Yarn by the Numbers,” co-authors Amy Tyler and Halcyon Blake demystify the intricacies of yarn classifications, and in Best Practices, Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons continue their series about warping and weaving for beginning to intermediate weavers.


  • Rose Trellis by Anu Bhatia (8-shaft)
  • Synchronici-Tee by Elisabeth Hill (8-shaft)
  • Royal Gift by Annette Swan Schipf (4-shaft)
  • Deep Stash Bag by Margaret Stump (pin loom)
  • Buffalo Plaid Chore Jacket by Tracy Kaestner (4-shaft)
  • Oak Forest Towels by Keith Lilly (2-shaft)
  • Majestic Beauty Placemats by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
  • Rogue Stash Blanket by Cynthia Davies (4-shaft)
  • Broad and Deep Towels by Christine Jablonski (4-shaft)
  • Coastal Crackle Towels by Rebecca Fox (6-shaft)
  • Leftover Dish Towels by Susan J. Foulkes (4- and 8-shaft) 


  • Spotlight: Yan Zhang, Li  Textile Warrior by Kathy Fitzgerald
  • Stepping Up: A Handwoven Sunny Sensory Blanket by Brittany Wells
  • Notes from the Fell: Twist by Tom Knisely
  • Best Practices: Threading and Sleying by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons
  • Idea Gallery: A Shawl to Dye For! By Samantha Haring
  • Weaving with Curling Ribbon by Megan Rothstein
  • Yarn by the Numbers by Amy Tyler and Halcyon Blake
  • Yarn Lab: A Luscious Blend from Sanjo Silk by Liz Moncrief
  • Endnotes: How to build a Stash by Tracy Kaestner