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Long Thread Media

Handwoven, January/February 2014 Digital Edition

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This issue of Handwoven is devoted to the many faces of silk. From the traditional fine reeled threads to brightly colored recycled sari yarns to honey colored wild silks, there's a silk project in the magazine for every budget and every loom, including several for rigid-heddle weavers. Learn how silk goes from cocoon to skein and how to take care of your silk fabrics once they're woven. Weavers Tien Chiu and Beth Ross Johnson share their tips on dyeing and warping fine threads so you can take on any silk project with confidence. Projects include a colorful sari silk runner, an elegant Bronson lace shawl, a his-and-hers bow tie and matching purse set, crackle scarves, and more. Plus, Marilyn Murphy writes about the tradition of weft ikat in Laos and gives instructions for recreating the look of ikat using a simple clasped-weft technique.

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors