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Handwoven, January/February 1994 Digital Edition

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Master Overshot Weaving with the January/February 1994 Digital Issue of Handwoven Magazine!

This issue of Handwoven is brimming with great weaving tips and techniques from a wide variety of popular designers and instructors. From insightful articles to fun projects, this issue will have you weaving overshot and more with ease and pleasure.

With the feature articles of this issue, you’ll:

  • Discover twelve tips on how to use your loom when you’re not weaving
  • Learn a tubular bind-off technique for knitted ribbing to create an elegant finish
  • Gain a creative solution to finding buttons that are as unique as your handwoven fabric by using polymer clay
  • Advance your rigid-heddle weaving with Betty Linn Davenport who shows you how to convert a Bronson lace draft for shaft looms to one for your rigid heddle loom
  • Discover an easier overshot notations system to simplify your treadling
  • Learn how to spin slub yarns for fun weaving textures and effects
  • And much more!
Test your weaving skills with 18 weaving projects!

You will have fun weaving sweaters, vests, towels, and more! Put your overshot weaving to the test with a variety of projects including Wendy Sundquist’s Twenty Five Snowballs Coverlet, Dianatha State’s Sampler Coverlet in Two Colors, Donna Lee Sullivan’s Fiesta Runner, Jean Hutchinson’s A Son’s Coverlet (featured on the cover), and many more. Plus, weave a plethora of sweaters such as Cory Brigham’s Two Block Twill Sweater and Snowstorm, Liz Pulo’s Chief Blanket Sweater, and Betty Linn Davenport’s Bronson Lace Sweater. There are more projects for scarves and towels as well!

Weave structures featured in the projects of this issue include summer and winter, plain weave, overshot, Bronson lace, rosepath, twill, and more.

Whether you want to improve your rigid heddle weaving skills or learn new techniques like overshot weaving, the January/February 1994 digital issue of Handwoven magazine has what you're looking for.