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Handwoven 2016 Collection Download

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Enjoy all five issues of Handwoven exactly as they were printed in 2016. The full-color electronic versions of these magazines include easy-to-navigate tables of contents, easy-to-print out projects, and informative articles!

Included in this bundle:

January/February 2016, digital edition
Celebrate linen with us! In this issue of Handwoven, we'll explore the history of linen throughout the world, share projects woven from linen and linen blends, and get some tips from the experts on how to warp and weave linen without worry.

March/April 2016, digital edition
The March/April issue of Handwoven celebrates the heros, past and present, who have enriched our heritage. From the French textile tradition of ombré, to the Aztec artisans from Peru, we celebrate the contemporary heros in fair trade cooperatives around the globe, fighting to provide a better life for weavers and their families.

May/June 2016
, digital edition
The May/June 2016 issue of Handwoven explores the beauty of value contrasts in weaving. From the stark elegance of black on white to dark indigo on unbleached threads, few things create drama and depth so easily as contrasting dark and light.

September/October 2016, digital edition
Dive into different kinds of cloth with us! In this download of Handwoven, we discover with Anita Luvera Mayer the rituals of celebration in cloth around the world. Readers will enjoy 10 projects for 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms, a detailed analysis of summer and winter drafts, and more!

November/December 2016, digital edition
From overshot to rep to diversified plain weave, this issue helps you weave fabrics with the amazing texture and patterns you can only get from combining thick and thin yarns!