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Handwoven 1994-1995 Collection Download

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Discover all ten issues of Handwoven magazine, exactly as they were printed in 1994 and 1995.

Here’s a look at the weaving techniques, tricks, stories, and more you will find in these issues:

January/February 1994:
Learn all about the timeless beauty of overshot with articles and projects devoted to this ever-popular structure. Weave a modern fiesta runner in eight-block overshot or a beautiful nineteenth-century style coverlet. Also in this issue are instructions for weaving Bronson lace on a rigid-heddle loom.

March/April 1994:
Find fun projects for weavers of all ages in this issue’s special section on weaving with kids. Projects for young and old include colorful inkle-woven shoelaces and an adorable child’s tabard. More advanced weavers will enjoy the article on space-dyed chenille and accompanying projects.May/June 1994:

Boost your weaving repertoire with this special issue all about finger-manipulated weave structures. From Theo Moorman inlay to pick-up biederwand, laces, and more, there’s plenty to love in this issue of Handwoven. Projects include an elegant rose leno table mat and white rabbit tea towels in mock satin damask.

September/October 1994:
Create dazzling fabrics in crackle weave, from a polychrome crackle tablemat to a sweet crackle baby blanket. Learn everything you need to get started designing and weaving with this intriguing Swedish weave structure. Also featured in this issue is a special section on holiday weaving.

November/December 1994:
Give your old furniture new life by reupholstering it with your own handwoven fabric. Learn to design upholstery fabric that will put up with the wear and tear of everyday use. You can then further redecorate your home with canvas-weave curtains, ikat rugs, a twill pillow, and more in this issue devoted to designing for the home.

January/February 1995:
Take your weaving to the third dimension with projects that emphasize texture, including a luscious chenille throw in honeycomb and a versatile jacket in waffle weave. This issue also includes a special section all about overshot borders and designs.

March/April 1995:
Make a handwoven fashion statement with “origami” tops, a timeless kimono jacket, and other projects in this issue full of weaving to wear. Then, dress up your home with projects like a lacy daisy-chain runner and summer and winter dishtowels.

May/June 1995:
Take on tapestry weaving without fear! Learn to build or modify a small loom to weave your tapestries on, and then read up on different tips and techniques. Finally, make one of the beautiful tapestry projects like the butterfly necklace or the easy-to-weave mountain majesty clutch.

September/October 1995:
Explore the ever-versatile structure that is twill weave, from plaited to double-faced twills. Discover new twill treadlings by making a sampler you can use as a reference for years to come. Also in this issue is a section devoted to the long and varied history of weaving in the Puebloan Southwest.

November/December 1995:
Weave beautiful textiles inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, including a fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired rug and throw pillows designed to look as if they were made from Oriental carpets. Other highlights include an article on loom-woven baskets and instructions on how to do network drafting without a computer.

As with all our Handwoven Collections, you get weaving inspiration at your fingertips. You can get this Collection as either a CD or Download. Just look at the advantages:

  • Browse each issue quickly with a time-saving electronic index.
  • Search keywords such as master weavers, weaving techniques, products or equipment.
  • These Collections take up less space than print issues and won’t wear or tear.
  • Save money when you get a whole collection of Handwoven than if you got the print issues individually.

Don't miss out on ten out-of-print issues of Handwoven! Get your copy of the Handwoven 1994-1995 Collection today!

These issues were scanned from the original print issues.

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors