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Handwoven 1986-1987 Collection Download

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Enjoy all 10 issues of Handwoven magazine exactly as they were printed in 1986 and 1987. 

JAN/FEB 1986 – This issue of Handwoven focuses on weaving silk, from the history of this luxurious fiber to discussion of the types of silks handweavers may use.

MARCH/APRIL 1986– Discover boundweave, leno, double weave, rosepath, and other great weave structures in this issue. Plus, there’s an in depth look at the tools needed to complete these techniques.

MAY/JUNE 1986 – This issue takes a look at portable and simple looms, from rigid-heddle weaving to inkle looms and card weaving. There is also a feature on weaving for your kitchen and modular clothing.

SEPT/OCT 1986 – In this issue, discover clasped weft, weaving handsome rugs, warp floats for plain weave, menswear, and more!

NOV/DEC 1986 – It’s all about handwoven fashion in this issue, from designing fashion fabrics, portfolios of fashion designers, or sewing your woven fabric.

JAN/FEB 1987 – Warm your home with handwoven table toppers, napkins, handwoven velvet, a paisley shawl, throws, and pillows, all great for winter.

MARCH/APRIL 1987 – Discover the joy of weaving for children with projects, ideas, and fabric inspiration. Plus, learn how to sponsor a workshop and experiment with Color and Weave with floats.

MAY/JUNE 1987 – This issue is all about Scandinavian weaving with inspiration and techniques from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

SEPT/OCT 1987 – The projects in this issue range from evening accessories, heirloom Christmas designs, a room-sized rug, a bedspread, and more!

NOV/DEC 1987 – Block weaves and Summer and Winter are the main focus for this issue. There’s also lessons on log cabin for the rigid-heddle loom, threading without error, and more.

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Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors