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Glorious Ganseys to Knit Knitting Pattern eBook

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Glorious Ganseys to Knit eBook

Ganseys. Why is it that these strictly utilitarian knitted garments capture one's imagination? They seem to exude both magic and mystery and evoke romantic visions of life at sea. Their reality is much different. For most who wore these sweaters (or jumpers as they are known in the United Kingdom), they were the first line of defense, helping to protect the wearer from the rigors and hazards of working at sea. Ganseys were the traditional attire of men who earned their livelihoods fishing off the coast of England and beyond to the Channel Islands and Holland. Their lives were extremely hard; many often were very short. The ingenious inventor of the gansey is unknown, but it was a masterful feat. Ganseys became the garment of choice for fishermen and sailors alike, beginning in at least the eighteenth century. The gansey knitter made each her or his own by incorporating intricate, often personal, patterns. They are still in use today, but their popularity has widened considerably. Ganseys now make contemporary fashion statements.

This eBook from PieceWork includes an article by Deb Gillanders—"The Migrations and Evolution of the Gansey"—that explores the compelling story of the gansey. Four projects follow. The first of these is a small bag designed for novice gansey knitters. It's followed by a trio for a favorite child: a traditional gansey with a matching hat and socks. Enjoy your gansey adventure!

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