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Long Thread Media

Folk Knitting, Digital Edition

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Folk Knitting 2015

Delve into cultures that value handiwork and traditions. Explore multiple continents and historic knitting traditions. This issue will not only reveal folk artistry from across the world but it will ignite your love for the “slow arts.” Reconnect with traditions and cultures.

“Folk art manifests the values and aesthetics of traditional cultures around the world. Via techniques, colors, and motifs passed down from generation to generations (often informally), folk artists express a cultural identity rather than an individual’s.” (Paraphrased by Deborah Gerish from the International Folk Art Alliance’s website)

Deborah (the editor) further writes, “folk artists can survive and even thrive economically because their creations stand out today. Humans decorate their bodies, clothing, and households because they enjoy the process and/or the end result. We have always celebrated beauty alongside function. If you’re a knitter, this concept will not surprise you: you have already felt the thrill of making. With Folk Knitting’s collection of garments and accessories, your artistic repertoire can now include new color combinations, design flourishes, graphic elements, and knitting techniques.”

Features and Projects included in this issue:


  • Knitting in Traffic - Linda Cortright
  • Tokai Tomoshibi - Vicki Square
  • Knot-Topped Calotte - Vicki Square
  • Napramach - Vicki Square
  • Mongolian Space - Linda Ligon
  • Pakul - Vicki Square
  • Turnalar Socks - Leslie Comstock


  • Medieval Islamic Stockings - Chris Laning
  • Kilim Weaving in Fowa - Amy Clarke Moore
  • Shoowa Vest - Marianne Isager


  • Techniques of Fair Isle Knitting - Ann Feitelson
  • Dressel Shawl - Megi Burcl
  • Bartók Tunik - Julia Farwell-Clay
  • Maarika Bag - Lucinda Guy
  • Belarusian Wrist Warmers - Donna Druchunas
  • Sámi-Inspired Tunic Sweater - Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Robson
  • Ola Placket Pullover - Lucinda Guy
  • Dutch Lace Crescent Scarf - Donna Druchunas
  • Waltham Cabled Cardigan - Kathy Zimmerman
  • Baby Faroe - Ashley Rao
  • Celtic Cardigan - Melissa Johnson
  • Five Moments in Shetland - Deborah Robson


  • Shetland Lace Knitting in New Zealand - Margaret Stove
  • Rata Scarf - Margaret Stove
  • The Trip I Almost Missed - Patsy Sue Zawistoski

South America

  • Popcorns and Points: Andean Knitting Secrets - Mary Jane Mucklestone
  • Over the Altiplano and Through the River to Find one Knitted Cap - Cynthia LeCount Samaké
  • Inca Child - Marianne Isager
  • Peruvian Tasseled Scarf - Linda Ligon
  • Handknitting on the Road Less Traveled in Peru - Marilyn Murphy

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