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Enchanted Knits, Digital Edition

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27 Magical Knitting Projects Straight From a Fairy Tale!

Enchanted Knits Special Issue 2014

Enchanted knits will charm every knitter with 27 magical projects inspired by your favorite fairy tales.

Discover how knitting can be your own magical spell, as you work yarn into a stunning shawl or warm socks for your woodsman. You will become enchanted by every type of project, from the ordinary to extraordinary to the sinister and to the classical patterns of our most beloved mythical creatures and charmed stories.

Order your copy of Enchanted Knits 2014 today or download the digital edition instantly.

Check out these enchanted projects included in the 2014 special issue of Enchanted Knits:

Ordinary in the Extraordinary:
Anyone can be enchanted by an encounter with magic—an innocent child, a noble passerby, a daring knitter.

A spine-tingling tale, a scaly creature, a jealous interloper—the stuff of sleepless nights.

The Classics:
Stories passed down through the ages, as familiar as old friends (or fears), honed like knitting needles.

Nature's Magic:
The gleaming moon, a glowering tree, a furtive fox—the earthly sources of fairy stories.

This special issue of Enchanted Knits 2014 will bewitch you with spell-binding projects!

Order your copy today or download the digital magazine instantly and fall under the spell of enchanted knitting!

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors