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Easy Weaving with Little Looms Holiday 2021

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Weave your days merry and bright with the 2021 Holiday issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. This wintry issue features 21 projects to jazz up your wardrobe, decorate your home, or gift to friends and family. The projects run the gamut between large and small so no matter how much time you have, you can weave something wonderful. Angela Tong’s totally 90s Pin-Loom Scrunchie, Lindsay Wiseman’s Glowing Emerald Scarf, and Joan Sheridan’s sweet Ribbon Candy Earrings weave up easily in a weekend (or less!). If you prefer a more complex project, Edith van Tassell’s Foxy Birch Blanket or Christine Jablonski’s Windowpane Spa Set will let you lose yourself in weaving.

As always, the issue is chock full of articles to help you build your weaving repertoire. Go beyond whipstitch, double overcast, and blanket stitch with Gabi van Tassell’s article about creative ways to join pin-loom pieces—all of which work for rigid-heddle cloth as well. Learn how to weave with a wave stick on a rigid-heddle loom with an article by Liz Evans, and then put your knowledge to the test by weaving the Ocean Waves Scarf by Rebecca Cengiz-Robbs. Add some texture to your weaving with three supplemental weft techniques—rya, looped pile, and soumak—in Do it By Hand. 

Learn about the basics of differential shrinkage in our new department, String Theory. Read about the different shears, snips, and scissors available and how they can make your weaving life easier in Sara Lamb’s article about various cutting tools. And of course, there’s plenty of gear guides to help make your weaving life easier and your studio more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Weaving With: Brown Sheep Yarns by Brittany Wells
  • Scissors, Shears, and Snips by Sara Lamb
  • Wavy Weaving by Liz Evans
  • Joining Pin-Loom Squares by Gabi van Tassell


  • Zakka Embroidered Napkins by Yvonne Ellsworth (rigid heddle)
  • Windowpane Spa Set by Christine Jablonski (rigid heddle)
  • Painted Pillow by Gabi van Tassell (pin loom)
  • Modern Stripe Tea Towels by Tammy Bast (rigid heddle)
  • Glowing Emerald Scarf by Lindsay Wiseman (rigid heddle)
  • Palindrome Scarf by Judith Shangold (rigid heddle)
  • Ice Float Scarf by Nancy Peck (rigid heddle)
  • Veerya by Shilpa Nagarkar (rigid heddle)
  • Snowy Mountains Scarf by Angela Tong (rigid heddle)
  • Ocean Waves Scarf by Rebecca Cengiz-Robbs (rigid heddle)
  • Thick and Quick Poncho by Tammy Bast (rigid heddle)
  • A Stash-Busting Blanket Scarf by Kellie Frances Reid (rigid heddle)
  • Child’s Basketweave Capelet by Jennifer Chapman (pin loom)
  • Polar Bear Pillow by Deborah Bagley (pin loom)
  • Pin-Loom Scrunchie by Angela Tong (pin loom)
  • Ribbon Candy Earrings by Joan Sheridan with Deborah Harowitz (inkle)
  • Pine Tree Gift Bags by Deborah Bagley (pin loom)
  • Holiday Bottle Bags by JoEllen Salkin (rigid heddle)
  • Velvet Loveys: Sloth, Fox, and Lamb by Margaret Stump (pin loom)
  • Foxy Birch Blanket by Edith van Tassell (pin loom)
  • Stingray Pouch by Katherine Augustine (pin loom)

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors