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Easy Weaving with Little Looms Fall 2022

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Add a little something (or somethings) extra to your weaving with the Fall 2022 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. This issue proves that even the smallest of additions can make a huge difference to your final product. Add a bit more finesse to your weaving with projects including a scarf with pops of inlay, a runner with a new technique called catenpile, and scarf with a fresh take on Danish medallions. Learn how to do beautiful statement joins by making a pin-loom blanket with stunning crochet joins or a rigid-heddle shawl with decorative stitching. Add some extra oomph to your weaving with a rigid-heddle towel with matching inkle-woven hanging tab, a set of cute pin-loom llamas complete with pompoms on their hats, and a pillow with pin-loom-woven fringe.


Also in this issue:

Even the most advanced weaver can struggle with selvedges. Learn three tricks to getting cleaner selvedges on the rigid-heddle loom and see how they compare.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to embellish your handwovens with designs on the loom, you’ll love reading about catenpile, a new rigid-heddle technique. Jessica Lambert, creator of the technique, walks you through the ways she creates stunning raised designs in her weaving without a pick-up stick or supplemental weft.

See the design process behind a beautifully embellished bag complete with decorative darning, beaded kumihimo tassels, and two types of coordinating inkle bands, a flat one for decoration and a tubular one as the handle.  


  • Weaving With: Gevolve Yarns by Sara Goldenberg White
  • String Theory: Selvedge Experiments by Sienna Bosch
  • Tapestry Talk: What’s Your Angle?
  • Catenpile Technique by Jessica Lambert
  • Not So Plain After All by Alison Irwin


  • Not-so-Plain Bands by Alison Irwin (inkle)
  • Kodachrome Quilt by Sally Weener (pin loom)
  • Prakruti Scarf by Shilpa Nagakar (rigid heddle)
  • Infinitely Spectacular Scarf by Angela Tong (rigid heddle)
  • No Drama Llamas by Margaret Stump (pin loom)
  • Chain Reaction by Deborah Jarchow (rigid heddle)
  • A Bag for Janice by Carla by Jeanne Hubbart (rigid heddle)
  • Cute as a Bug Pencil Case by Deborah Bagley (pin loom)
  • Boxed Lace Wrap by Tammy Bast (rigid heddle)
  • Fika Kitchen Towel by Anne Merrow (rigid heddle and inkle)
  • Cathedral Window Blanket by Gabi van Tassell (pin loom)
  • Arabesque Runner by Jessica Lambert (rigid heddle)
  • Stripes and Soumak by Jodi Ybarra (rigid heddle)
  • The Fringe Element by Hazel Spencer (pin loom)
  • Buttons and Blossoms Cowl by Rebecca Cengiz-Robbs (rigid heddle)
  • Squiggle Shawl by Sara Goldenberg White (rigid heddle)
  • Building Blocks Blanket by Deb Essen (rigid heddle)
  • Casual Comfort by Tammy Bast (rigid heddle)
  • Goldenrod Scarf by Christine Jablonski (rigid heddle)
  • À La Carte Napkins by Sara C. Bixler (rigid heddle)
  • Hidden Diamonds Cowl by Gabi van Tassell (pin loom)

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors