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Best of Handwoven: Overshot eBook 2

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We’ve come to know overshot as a timeless, elegant weave structure with endless design possibilities, even on just four shafts. With this eBook, you get 14 of the best overshot projects ever published in Handwoven all in one place. Some of the projects included are Color Gamp in Overshot by Vicki Tardy, Overshot Made Easy for Potholders by Jean Korus, Ribbons of Overshot for a Soft Spring Shawl by Rita Hagenbruch, and so many more! Weave up table linens, towels, a vest, a shawl, and even a coverlet! Projects are for every level of weaver, from those looking for their first overshot project to more experienced weavers who have already fallen in love with this versatile weave. So if you’re ready for a fresh and exciting overshot eBook, this is a must-read.


Overshot Ribbons for a Shawl
Rita Hagenbruch

Color Gamp in Overshot
Vicki Tardy

Overshot Scarf in Silk and Wool/Silk
Yvonne Stahl

6 Color with Overshot Blocks
Patricia Palson

Overshot Rug
Tom Knisely

Miniature Overshot Bookmarks
Syne Mitchell

A Rose by Any Other Name is—a Snowball?
Lynn Tedder

Overshot Pot Holders
Jean Korus

Fiesta Tablecloth and Napkins
Suzie Liles

Overshot Heirloom Tablecloths
Rita Hagenbruch

Pearl Cotton and Overshot
Mary Berent

Folklore Vests in Overshot
Terri Van Orman

Overshot Coverlet
Rita Hagenbruch

Fiesta Cloth: Color by Numbers
Leslie Killeen

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors