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Best of Handwoven: Weaving with Silk eBook

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Best of Handwoven: Weaving with Silk is for weavers interested in starting or improving their silk weaving with 12 silk weaving projects. Order yours today!

Begin your silk journey with an overview of silk farming and production. Next, explore the various types of silk created and use the various silks in your projects. Further your knowledge with stories behind these fantastic silk creations such as sheet music translated into plaid color-wheel patterns and discoveries of 4-block crackles from the Seattle Weavers Guild.

Enjoy a dozen silk-weaving projects on four- and eight- shafts plus additional tips and tricks with this fine yarn:

  • A Five-Silk Scarf
  • Batwing-sleeved Blouse
  • Silk Huck-Lace Scarf
  • Spot-Weave Silk Scarf
  • Silk: swatch collection #38
  • Lace with Warp Patterning
  • Simple Silk Scarf
  • Colorful Crackle for Silk Scarves
  • Overshot Scarf in Wool and Wool/Silk
  • Musical Color-Wheel Scarf
  • Silk Scarf with Beaded Leno
  • Silk Scarves in Deflected Doubleweave

Get your copy of the Best of Handwoven: Weaving with Silk today and immerse yourself in the luxurious world of silk!

Author/Designer: Christina Garton

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