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Best of Handwoven: Weaving With Linen eBook

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Linen, for weavers, has a mystique unlike that of any other yarn. Weavers are afraid to use it, yet we admire any fabric woven in it and associate it with the finest threads and most complex structures—especially lace weaves and damasks.
Linen fabrics have a hand that defies description: a firm gleaming surface with an unbelievable drape. If you have been afraid to try weaving with linen, this eBook can be your personal guide to success. If you have already discovered linen’s joys, the projects included here (more than half on only four shafts) will inspire you to weave many more. Very experienced linen weavers share in these pages their tips and tricks for successful warping and weaving with linen.
Projects include placemats, runners, curtains, towels, and more. Although some use classic bleached and unbleached linen, many take advantage of the glorious array of colors currently available in plied linens.


Linen and Lace, Perfect Partners
Linda Heinrich [4 shafts]

Linen Fingertip Towels
Tracy Kaestner [5 shafts]

Linen Table Runner
Tracy Kaestner [5 shafts]

Waffle-Weave Table Linens
Hector Jaeger [4 shafts]

Lacy Linen Curtains
Selma Miriam [4 shafts]

Lines of Lace in Linen
Suzie Liles [4 shafts]

Linen Overshot Placemats
Kathryn Wertenberger [4 shafts]

Linen and Log Cabin
Tracy Kaestner [2-4 shafts]

Lacy Linen Lite: a Runner
Norma Smayda [3 shafts]

What’s Not to Love about Linen?
Barbara Elkins [8 shafts]

A Run of Linen Runners
Vicki Tardy [8 shafts]

Fancy Twill Towels in Linen
Sharon Alderman [16 shafts]

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors