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Best of Handwoven: Technicolor Table Runners eBook

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Weave 12 simply stunning table runners with this eBook! If you’ve been looking for a fun way to decorate your home with handwoven cloth, you’ll find that runners make the perfect decorations. Weavers will absolutely love the variety of techniques that are covered in this eBook. For example, there are projects that utilize weaving with a supplementary warp, Atwater Bronson lace and overshot. You’ll also enjoy the number of design possibilities with color.


Log Cabin Runner
Tracy Kaestner [4 shafts]

Log Cabin with a Supplementary Warp
Barbara Walker [3 shafts]

Two-Block Log Cabin Runner
Jane Patrick [2 shafts]

Shadow-Weave Gamp for a Runner
Sarah Saulson [8 shafts]

Shadow-Weave Runner and Napkins
Sarah Fortin [8 shafts]

Lines of Lace in a Linen Runner
Suzie Liles [4 shafts]

Summer Colors for a Lace Runner
Barbara Walker [4 shafts]

Elegant Linen Runner
Tracy Kaestner [5 shafts]

La Belle Creole Runner & Napkins
DeeDee Woodbury [8 shafts]

Summer Table Runners
Kate Lange-McKibben [4 shafts]

Runner in Overshot and Lace
Barbara Walker [7 shafts]

Hearts Afire Runner
Barbara Walker [8 shafts]

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors