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Best of Handwoven: Projects in Waffle Weave eBook

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Waffle weave is an unusual weave structure in that its name evokes images of the cloth itself (summer and winter? overshot?—not so much!). Some waffle-weave fabrics have as much depth and shape as an actual Belgian waffle. This depth is especially appreciated by weavers because most of the fabrics we weave are so very flat. Creating such marvelous texture by crossing the warp and weft in their flat plane on the loom seems like magic. Even better, waffle weave can be woven on simple looms.

Two of the projects in this book are woven on a rigid-heddle loom, seven on four shafts, one on six, three on seven, and one on eight. You’ll especially appreciate the "Waffle-Weave Handbook," by Kathryn Wertenberger Meile, which gives 13 threading, tie-up, and treadling drafts for different numbers of shafts—plus waffle-weave tips. The projects in this book from a waffle-weave blanket to a pullover use a wide range of yarns and setts (from fine cottons to thick, soft wools) so that you can mix and match drafts and materials for original fabrics. You’ll discover that the special texture of waffle weave gives more absorbency and/or insulation than almost any other handwoven fabric.


Sunny Towel Set
Margaretha Essen-Hedin

Bath Set in Natural Cottons
Karen Tenney

Cushy Placemats and Coasters
Joan Torgow

Serendipity Waffle-Weave Towels
Connie Westbrook

Thirsty Waffle-Weave Bath Set
Sharon Alderman

A Family Blanket
Terry Collard

Waffle-Weave Pullover
Betty Linn Davenport

Waffle-Weave Table Runner
Kati Reeder Meek

Waffle-Weave Table Linens
Hector Jaeger

Wool Waffle-Weave Throw
Hector Jaeger

Chenille Evening Jacket
Teresa Kennard

Warm Waffle-Weave Jacket
Becky Menlove

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors