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Best of Handwoven: Deflected Doubleweave eBook

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Lately, you may be hearing more and more about deflected doubleweave - a weaving structure commonly used to create amazing textures and shapes. But if you're a fairly experienced weaver and are rather unfamiliar with deflected doubleweave, there's no need to panic. It wasn't until the late 1990s that deflected doubleweave was truly explored as a specific weave structure. Since then it has become an increasingly popular structure that contemporary weavers find themselves eager to add to their repertoires. Its design potential on a minimum number of shafts is unequalled and it can be used in fabrics of every type of hand: from garments to table runners. We've gathered nearly every project in deflected doubleweave that has appeared in Handwoven since its exploration and created the Handwoven Presents: Deflected Doubleweave eBook. Inside, you'll find 14 projects that showcase the beauty and elegance of this structure. Use this book alongside the Weaving Deflected Doubleweave video to be on the cutting edge of deflected doubleweave design.
Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors

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