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Long Thread Media

5 Projects to Weave for a Perfect Picnic eBook

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Whether it’s warm and sunny outside or will be soon, it’s the perfect time to warp up your loom for a picnic-inspired project. This collection has a little bit of everything, including a set of festive napkins, a blanket for lounging, patriotic towels, and a pair of espadrilles, all packed in a roomy tote bag.

From a picnic in the park to a day at the beach, these handwovens are ideal for taking with you. Happy picnicking!


  • Fourth of July Picnic Towels by Yvonne Ellsworth [rigid-heddle or 2-shaft]
  • Bespoke Espadrilles by Carly Jayne [rigid-heddle or 2-shaft]
  • Big Wrap Beach Blanket by Cynthia Newman with Katzy Luhring [4-shaft]
  • Daisy Plaid Totes by Tracy Kaestner [4-shaft]
  • “Pinwheels Redux” Napkins by Christina Garton [8-shaft]