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Spin-Off 2015 Collection Download

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Enjoy all four issues of Spin-Off magazine as they were originally published in 2015! Discover spinning with natural fibers, spinners who've turned their craft into a business, and basic spinning tips and techniques, all on one easy package!

Winter 2015
Celebrate natural fiber! More than ever, this issue of Spin-Off celebrates natural fiber with our Natural Fiber Directory. Take an in-depth look at Leicester and Icelandic sheep. Try processing cashmere at home. Don't forget the cotton - make your own mini cotton combs and explore dyeing cotton.

Spring 2015
This issue is all about using your stash: finding projects for tiny quantities of precious fibers, executing plans for the pounds of wool that have been patiently waiting, and combining mismatched colorways and fibers to create a cohesive product. Pull out the drumcarder, the loom, the crochet hook, or any tool that strikes your fancy, and turn that fiber stash into something new.

Summer 2015
Can you believe everything you hear about spinning from other spinners, or even from your teachers? Find out in this myth-busting issue of Spin-Off. Discover why you should pre-draft (or not). Uncover the true origins of Andean plying with Abby Franquemont. Is there truth to the legend that once you spin fine it's difficult to spin thicker yarns? Find out with Beth Smith. These spinning tales and many others are examined.

Fall 2015
Do you ply? Unless you have a specific reason for using yarn in singles form, you're probably going to get a few strands together and ply them up. And just like drafting, there's a method of plying for every purpose. Need a four-strand Navajo-ply yarn? What is the best number of plies for lace? Want to see Galina Khmeleva demonstrate how Orenburg spinners add the distinctive silk ply to their yarns? Galina Khmeleva gives a step-by-step demonstration.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors