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Toddler Dresses Weaving Pattern Download

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There aren't many things cuter than baby clothes. Once your little one grows up you will treasure their dresses and jumpers. The only thing that could make them more special is if you took the time to make them. Make the toddler dress with love for your sweet thing today and treasure it for years to come.

Structure: Plain weave with supplementary-weft patterning
Number of Shafts Required: 8- Shaft Pattern
Finished Dimensions: Patterned fabric for two yokes and two sundress bodices averaging 15½" by 7½".
Yarn: Warp and tabby weft: 8/2 unmercerized cotton at 3,360 yd/lb, 950 yd white. Pattern weft: 6-strand DMC cotton embroidery floss, 2 skeins each of #699 (dark green), #554 (lavender), #604 (pink), #754 (peach), #321 (red); 1 skein each of Black, #796 (blue), #3325 (light blue), #701 (spring green), #608 (orange), #550 (deep purple), #958 (turquoise), #553 (violet), #743 (yellow).
Notions: Commercial pattern for dresses with yokes (McCall's 4948 was used for these) and sundresses with a trim band at the top of the dress (Mc-Call's 6957 was used for these).
Warp Ends: 295.
Warp Length: 21/4 yd (allows for take-up, shrinkage, and loom waste).
Setts: EPI: 16. PPI: 16 (32 in pattern areas).
Width in the Reed: 18½".
Take-Up and Shrinkage: 15% in width and length.
Originally Published: Handwoven, March/April 1999.

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