Setting Up Shop Online: How to Get Started Selling Weaving on a Marketplace like EtsyImage

Setting Up Shop Online: How to Get Started Selling Weaving on a Marketplace like Etsy

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About the Web Seminar:   Setting up a shop online is not hard, but takes a little time. Once begun, the initial foundations it can be built upon and shaped to represent your work in your own way. I can give you some tips from my experiences growing my own online presence on Etsy, which are also generally adaptable to other marketplaces.   Just like learning the craft of weaving, you have to start with some basics. With practice, your skills and knowledge should grow, and with some time you will figure out how to adapt it to your style. Just as some people gravitate from plain weave to weaving rugs, tapestries, or wearables, you will also, hopefully, be able to figure out which direction you want to take your online shop, whether within a certain marketplace like Etsy, or to try more than one, or to do direct sales from your own website.  

What You'll Learn:

  • Everything Starts at the Begining
  • Put your Work “Out There’
  • Keep your Eyes Open to Ideas that Work for You
  • Follow Trends to Get Found
  • Define Your Own Style
  • Connect With Others and Create a Network

Instructor:   My name is Amy C. Lund. I am a Handweaver. I started my online shop through Etsy in 2010. At that point, I had done craft fairs and had a brick & mortar storefront gallery for about 10 years or so. I had a website for general representation of my Studio & Gallery, but more for information and referrals than concentration on sales. I turned to Etsy as a marketplace because it draws a wider consumer audience in a way that my own small independent website probably never would. Every day I work on building and improving my online shop, always hoping to reach new customers. I have expanded to have items on a few other marketplaces along the way, although the network I have grown through Etsy has worked best for me so far.  

Who Should Attend:

  • Artisans who are unfamiliar with online marketplaces.
  • Artisans who are interested in selling work online who don’t know how to start.
  • Artisans who are looking for encouragement to start an online shop and need a push to get going.
  • Artisans who are interested in turning their amateur hobby into a more professional business.
  • Artisans who would like to continue sales beyond fair exposure or outside of galleries.
  • Artisans who want to expand their knowledge of online sales approaches.

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