A Stargazer Lily in Japanese Silk Thread to EmbroiderImage

A Stargazer Lily in Japanese Silk Thread to Embroider

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This gorgeous stargazer lily is stitched using a speci? c type of embroidery called “silk shading,” “needle painting,” or “stitch painting.” The technique creates a realistic image, and the silk thread gives the lily a luminous beauty that can’t be matched. The design also can be stitched with cotton floss, which is usually stripped down to a single strand, allowing for much detail but with a more muted sheen.

Materials needed:
  • Japanese Embroidery Center Flat Silk Thread, 100% silk thread, untwisted, 60 meters (65.6 yd)/tube, 1 tube each of #302 Yellow, #474 Yellow Green, #674 Cranberry Light, #676 Cranberry Medium, #678 Cranberry Dark, #724 Orange Brown, #735 Fawn Brown, #757 Aubergine, #801 Achromatic White, and #807 Achromatic Gray; www.japaneseembroidery.com
  • Gazar fabric, heavyweight 100% silk organza, 14 inches (35.6 cm) square, 1 piece
  • John James Needle, embroidery size 9; www.colonialneedle.com
  • K’s Creations Z Frame with Clamp; www.kscreations.com/lap_z.htm
  • Embroidery stretcher bars, wood, 12 inches (30.5 cm) square, 2 pairs
  • Dowels, wooden, ¼ inch (6 mm) in diameter, oak, length equal to inside dimensions of stretcher bars
  • Japan tacks, brass-plated steel, large heads, box of 50; www.nordicneedle.com
  • Pencil, ceramic-based, White; www.nordicneedle.com
  • Laying tool (tekobari), optional; www.nordicneedle.com
  • PVC glue
  • Frame and acid-free mat of desired sizes, colors, and shapes

Finished design size: 4 3/16 inches (10.6 cm) high by 5 13/16 inches (14.8 cm) wide
Author/Designer: Michael Cook

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