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Weldon's Practical Stocking Knitter, First & Second Series eBook

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Weldon's Practical Stocking Knitters, First & Second Series

In the First Series, you will learn techniques for knitting durable stockings and you will be introduced to a multitude of stocking knitting styles. Knitted stockings are more durable than woven stockings. The footings on knitted stockings can be re-paired two or three times. Learn the French heel, German heel, Swiss heel, Welsh heel, Niantic heel, and double–knitted heels. Also this series includes information for re-heeling stockings and socks. Plus, enjoy instructions for six knitted toe structures: Flat toe, wide toe, French toe, pointed toe, round toe, star toe of four points, and star toe of five points. The Second Series introduces twenty-four illustrations of eighteen patternsfor knitting useful stockings for ladies, gentlemen, and children. Explore multiple styles of stockings and employ the techniques you perfected with series one.

Projects include:

  • Gentleman’s bicycle stocking
  • French sock for child of two
  • Lady’s open- knit stocking
  • Gentleman’s sock and lady’s striped plain knit stocking
  • Lady’s ribbed stocking, Gentlemen’s cable knit stockings
  • And more!

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