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Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Blankets and Throws on Four Shafts eBook

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Making Woven Blankets and Woven
Throws is Easier Than You Think

They may be large, take more yarn and need wider looms than most fabrics, but woven blankets can be just as quick and easy to weave as a scarf or table runner. The weaving projects featured in this eBook are beautiful without being complicated. You do not need more skill to weave a blanket than weaving a scarf. Beginner weavers will enjoy the challenge of weaving larger fabrics while seasoned weavers will love the variety of weaving patterns offered.

Learn how to make woven throws and woven blankets the simple way with this amazing eBook, Best of Handwoven Magazine: Blanket Weaving Projects.

Enjoy these great advantages to weaving these blankets:

  • Playing with weave structures—learn how to weave a blanket in plain weave, waffle weave, Atwater-Bronson lace, huck lace, twill, and more
  • Using only four shafts—you won’t need more than four shafts for any of these projects so you can weave them on almost every floor loom
  • Using thick yarns—blankets are usually woven in thick yarns, which means less ends per inch to thread and less picks per inch to make.
  • Discovering color—the large fabric will give you the opportunity to really explore and play with color
  • Showcasing your work—blankets are a great way to show off what you’ve learned plus also add color to any room they live in
  • Keeping warm—you will get great joy from wrapping yourself up in a handwoven blanket

The timeless patterns in this eBook come from back issues of Handwoven magazine from the 1980s and 1990s. While the blankets never lose their beauty the wool yarns they were originally made from are no longer available or now come in different colors. The editors have worked hard to find the perfect yarn substitutions to ensure you can make just as beautiful blankets as the originals.

The weaving projects in this eBook include:

  • Carpet-Warp Blanket by Carla Moore Buchheit
  • Shimmering Pastel Blanket by Leslie Voiers
  • Pastel Throw and Pillow by Halcyon Blake
  • Waffle-Weave Throw by Hector Jaeger
  • Caribbean Blues Blanket by Leslie Voiers
  • Rainbow Blanket by Faye Kolhonen
  • Warm and Cozy Plain Blanket by Linda Ligon
  • Topaz Lights Lap Robe by Barbara Elkins
  • Shades of Fall Lap Robe by Leslie Voiers
  • From Twill to Shadow Weave by Sharon Alderman

Use this eBook for your own adventure and discover the joys of choosing and blending colors and fulling and finishing the woven results into something soft and beautiful to wrap around you.

Author/Designer: Christina Garton

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