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Handwoven's Master Weavers Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Sharon Alderman

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Get weaving lessons from master weaver and teacher Sharon Alderman!

Have you always wanted to do more with your weaving, but haven’t been able to find that perfect teacher? Look no further! Sharon Alderman has been weaving since 1970 and is known for her teaching and lectures.

If her book Mastering Weave Structures is any indication to her knowledge of weaving, then you know that Sharon Alderman has a vast inventory of weave structures, weaving tips, and weaving techniques to share. This eBook, though not able to capture all of this information, has compiled her best projects and tips from Handwoven to share with you.

You will get full instructions for 12 weaving projects:

  • A scarf in plain weave with a supplementary warp
  • A scarf with Twill stripes
  • A shawl from Minus 1K or 1000 B.C. worked in plain weave, double-faced twill, and half-basket
  • Towels worked in fancy twill
  • Cotton Wood Leaf Towels worked in undulating twill
  • Color Tricks for Striped Cotton Placemats worked in broken twill
  • A Winter Celebration on a table runner worked in plain weave and twill stripes
  • Towels perfect for gifts in a variation of M’s and O’s
  • A Thirsty, Cushy, Crinkly Bath Set worked in waffle weave
  • Blue Plaid Lap Robe in Dornick Twill
  • A throw in turned twill and based off the Greek letter “pi”

Plus, there is a great article on wet finishing wool. Sharon shares what various forms of wet-finishing look like on a plain weave fabric from unwashed, hand-washed. She also discusses brushing your fabric for a soft finish.

Author/Designer: Sharon Alderman

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